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The Adventure Starts Here!

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

In July 2021 we first looked at our current location of 814 Harper Ave Lenoir, NC and well folks, we fell in love. We began construction of the property around October 2021, and set our opening date before Christmas 2021.... well obviously that didn't happen. We have backed up our opening to Valentine's Day 2022 and our fingers are crossed to bring it to you.

Future Salt Cave

Our salt cave contractor will arrive here on January 5, 2022 and his crew will begin construction of the cave right away. He guarantees to be finished up in 2-3 weeks. Our cave will look something very similar to the photo here. We will offer zero gravity loungers to relax in, along with padded mats to lie on the floor if you want to feel the heated salt floor warm your core. We will also offer you a blanket, eye pillow, and ear plugs for your comfort. Our cave will feature a water feature alongside dry salt therapy administered by a halogenerator to give you the upmost quality in salt therapy options.

After we get the salt cave open, we are hoping to be able to finish the construction of our other rooms and services, such as the yoga studio, massage rooms, esthetician suite, and more. Our goal is to be a fully operating stress reduction center and spa by summer of 2022.

Today we embarked on a journey to purchase roughly 8,000lbs of Himalayan salt to build our private cave, and to use throughout the spa as décor and such. Writing this blog while bouncing around in a rental transfer truck has been most challenging, but my have we shared the laughs today as I have fallen from this seat more than once.

More about our adventure coming soon....

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