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Experience Salt Therapy at its Finest

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Relax, breathe, detoxify, and heal the body.  Salt therapy is an overall body, health experience.

Our salt cave offers several features to provide you with the upmost, high quality spa experience.  As you enter the cave, you see our cascading water feature that provides a natural source of salt therapy to our clients.  Under your feet you will feel natural salt granules that top our heated floor. From there, you choose your seat, a weightless lounge chair, or a Thai triangle floor mat.  

As you lie back, you will be offered items for your comfort such as an eye pillow, soft blanket, or ear plugs. You will find yourself surrounded by natural, Himalayan salt walls, floors, and salt stalactites suspended from the ceiling.  All that is left for you to do is breathe, relax, listen to the soothing music, and drift away, as the lights dim.

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Salt therapy, also known as halotherapy, has been in practice for many years, most commonly in Europe where salt mines are naturally occurring.  

A halogenerator machine is attached to our salt cave, which grinds medical-grade salt, and gently disperses it into the cave.  As you breathe the air, salt helps to cleanse and detoxify the body.  The salted air settles on skin and hair, adding resilience and depleted minerals back.  The Himalayan salt surrounding the cave also serves to restore imbalances caused from pollution and unnatural environmental factors.

Salt is naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial, lending itself to the perfect method of respiratory hygiene.  Not only does salt therapy assist with many common respiratory ailments, it also promotes health in: 

  • proper pulmonary function

  • muscle and joint pain relief as an anti-inflammatory

  •  boosts metabolism and energy levels

  • encourages healing of skin, scalp, and nail conditions

  • assists to alleviate anxiety and depression

For more information about the history of salt therapy, or the specifics of its therapeutic purpose, visit our Blog Page.

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Our salt cave features seats for 8-12 participants per session. You select from chair seating in our zero gravity loungers, or floor seating with our Thai triangle mats. For added comfort we provide you a soft blanket, eye mask, ear plugs, etc. 

The cave's temperature is designed to stay between 66-68 degrees.  We do offer a heated floor for added warmth to our chillier clients.

Each session lasts 45 minutes.  During your session our trained specialist turns on the halogenerator, which places salt in the air, dims the lights, and turns on soothing music.  A few minutes before your session ends, the lights will slowly brighten and the music will begin to fade. 

The doors will be closed during the session, but not locked.  You are welcome to come and go as you please, but ask you be considerate to others.

Please be aware that our salt cave is located in the downstairs of our historic building.  If stairs are an obstacle for you, please let us know and we will accommodate the best we can.

There is an age limit for our salt cave as it is a silent and meditative environment.  Children 12 and older are invited to use the Group Himalayan Salt Cave.


Come to your session clothed comfortably, preferably in layers, so that you may find your best relaxation.  Salt caves are designed to offer you therapy through your clothes, but if you are seeking salt therapy for a skin condition, we suggest that part of your skin be exposed where appropriate during your session. (For example: eczema on your elbow, wear short sleeves).

Outside the cave entrance we provide you with a basket to place your personal items in.  Shoes are not allowed inside the salt cave.  You may wear socks, go barefoot, or use our complimentary booties.

We suggest that you leave all electronic devices outside the cave so that you gain the most benefits from the negative ion therapy provided by the salt.  However, we are humans too... and understand if you need to be in contact with your children, family, etc.  If a call or text comes in, please take it outside the cave.

Image by Jane Gonzalez


Want a more intimate, private setting for your salt therapy experience?  Then give our private salt room a try.

This room features two padded reclining chairs with built in massagers, a heated foot dome, massage orbs, and a completely private experience. 

You and a guest may bring any refreshments you like into the private salt room.  Unwind with a glass of wine, or nosh on your favorite snacks with your favorite person.

Single Person Booking-$50

Two People Booking-$75

Salt Cave & Room: Facilities


  • May Relieve Respiratory Issues:

    • Asthma

    • COPD

    • Allergies/Hay Fever

    • Chronic bronchitis

    • Emphysema

    • Sinus infections

    • Colds, cough, flu

    • Ear Infections

  • Helps to Improve Snoring and Sleep Disorders

  • Increases Circulation

  • Works to Reduce Inflammation

  • Therapeutic with Skin Issues:

    • Acne

    • Psoriasis

    • Eczema

    • Dry Skin

  • Works to Strengthen Hair

  • Assist in Reducing:

    • Stress

    • Anxiety

    • Depression

    • Fatigue

  • Increases Metabolism

  • Naturally Anti-Microbial

  • Naturally Anti-Bacterial

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