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Enhance your natural beauty while pampering yourself with one of our esthetician services.  Allow our talented staff to take care of your skin's needs, while applying their knowledge of every skin type.  Below are our treatment options and packages.

Please call us at (828) 572-0833 or use the link below to book an appointment.

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Relaxing Massage


European Facial: $85-$130, 60-90 min
Back Facial: $65, 60 min

Pamper yourself with one of our luxurious Facials and come away with glowing, healthy skin.  We have so many facials to offer for each unique skin type.

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45 min

Using the most precise instruments, allow our estheticians to remove unwanted hair, dirt, oil, and skin flakes with our dermaplaning treatment.  Your skin will looks smoother and healthier.


15 min-60 min

Remove unwanted hair with our top of the line waxing treatments.  

-Brows: $15-Maintenence and Shape-up

-Brows: $25-Mapping and Reshaping

-Lip: $12

-Chin: $15

-Underarms: $25

-Arms: $30

-Half Legs: $35 

-Full Legs: $65

-Back: $45

-Bikini:  $35

-Brazilian: $85

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Shot of cosmetologist making mesotherapy injection with dermapen on face for rejuvenation
Wax Bath


30 min-90 min

Give your eyes a boost with one of our treatments.  Play up your natural lashes with a lift that gives them a beautiful curl that lasts 6-8 weeks. Or tame those brows and keep them in place with our brow lamination treatment.   Enhance your dramatic eyes with a tint for your lashes or brows.

-Lash Lift: $95

    -Lash Tint Add-on: $15

-Brow Lamination: $95

     -Brow Tint Add-on: $15

-Lash Tint: $30

-Brow Tint: $30

-Lash and Brow Tint: $35


$225 per treatment

$800 for 4  treatments

Microneedling & Nanoneedling are one of the most powerful treatments on the market for our skin.  A precision tool is used to resurface the skin, smoothing its appearance, reducing pore size, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and helps to eliminate dark spots, melasma, etc.  Your skin will look jubilant and results last up to years!


45 min

Soothe away the aches and pains of arthritis, overuse, or stress while smoothing and moisturizing the skin.  Dip each hand or foot into our perfectly warmed wax and relax the body while the wax does it work.

-Hands: $20

-Feet: $30

Aesthetics: Treatments

Facial Packages

Choose the facial that is tailored to your specific skin Type


European Relaxation Facial
$85, 60 min

Pamper yourself with our luxurious European Facial and come away with glowing, healthy skin. Our estheticians begin with a skin analysis and pair our skincare line to meet your goals. This service includes a gentle cleanse, exfoliant to rejuvenate, a relaxing massage, soothing mask, warm steam, and hot towel wraps, while using our topnotch skincare products. Enhance your facial by adding our gua sha stone treatment for a wonderful face, neck, and scalp massage using our gua sha jade stones and combs. Want to deepen your relaxation? Our aromatherapy option can help to ease the mind and eliminate stress

Face Care

Purify and Detoxing Cleansing Facial
(Acne and Blemish Prone Skin)

$100, 90 min

Suffering from clogged pores, skin impurities, or blemishes? Then this is the facial for you. We begin with a skin pre-cleanse, followed by an active clay cleanser to get deep within pores. A gentle microfoliant is applied to exfoliate skin, and our powerful clearing serum is used to exonerate blemishes. This service includes our high frequency treatment to kill bacteria in the skin and promote healthy cell growth. Our estheticians perform gentle to deep extractions to rid the skin of excess sebum, dirt, and oil. This service also includes a purifying or oatmeal masque to calm the skin, a facial massage, warm steam, hot towel wraps, and topped with our skin smoothing cream. Want to maximize the cleanse? Ask your esthetician about adding our microdermabrasion treatment to vacuum out oil and debris from clogged pores as well as provide a powerful exfoliant to smooth and even skin texture (cannot be used on major blemishes or broken skin).


Skin Hydration Facial
(Dry, Flaky Skin)

$100, 90 min

Eliminate dry, flaky skin with our hydration facial. Our skilled estheticians analyze your skin and pair our topnotch skin care line to your skin type. We begin with our special cleansing gel, gentle microfoliant, followed by our hyaluronic acid serum to help skin retain moisture. Our microdermabrasion treatment is applied to eliminate clogged pores while exfoliating the skin. Warm towels and our steamer open pores to receive our colloidal masque and luxurious moisturizers. Your skin will be radiant, smooth, and well hydrated. Enhance this treatment by choosing our hydro-jelly masque infused with aloe vera, rose petals, and soothing cucumber for the ultimate hydration boost.

A woman getting facial masked

Youthful Radiance Facial
(Anti-Aging Skin Treatment)

$115, 90-120 min

Pamper and restore skin while fighting fine lines and wrinkles with our Youthful Radiance Facial. We begin this service with our powerful skin resurfacing cleanser and antioxidant hydramist to restore vital components within the skin. A gentle microdermabrasion treatment is applied to exfoliate the skin, cleanse the pores, and resurface uneven areas. Next our estheticians pair our top notch masques alongside our LED treatment light to eliminate inflammation, restore cellular reproduction, and aid the skin's collagen production. This service is paired with our powerful skin firming or retinol serums, dynamic skin recovery moisturizer, anti-aging eye creams, hot towel wraps, and our warm soothing steamer.

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Skin Calming Facial
(Sensitive Skin)

$100, 60 min

Skin inflammation and irritation can be miserable, and our Skin Calming Facial can soothe skin, and help to ease redness.. Our estheticians begin with a skin analysis to determine the best solutions for your skin. This service is all about soothing and calming, using our hydrating serums, luxurious oatmeal masque, and our specialized products that are designed specifically for sensitive skin. We top this service with our LED treatment light to help reduce inflammation and fight against redness and irritation in the skin. Want to avoid steam and warm towels? No problem... We can design the best service to provide your skin with the love and relaxation it needs.

Spa Facial Treatment

Gentleman's Facial
$85, 60 min

Man skin deserves to be loved too! Whether you are looking to relax, treat redness, acne, etc, we have a Gentleman's Facial and can tailor it to fit your needs. This service includes a gentle cleanse, exfoliant, a relaxing massage, soothing mask, warm steam, and hot towel wraps, while using our topnotch skincare products and locally made beard balms and oils for our gentlemen with facial hair. Want to tame your beard and enhance hair follicle growth? Add our high frequency comb to open pores and improve hair strength. Want to deepen your relaxation? Try our gua sha stone treatment for a wonderful face, neck, and scalp massage using our gua sha jade stones and combs and eliminate stress.

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