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Here We are at the Start!

Wolf Moon Salt Cave and Stress Reduction Center began as a mere dream after visiting our first salt cave on vacation.  We thought to ourselves, we have to bring this back home.  We began scouting locations and some great friends were interested in selling our historic property in an effort to work with the revitalization of downtown Lenoir, NC.  

We aim to create a space that allows both locals and tourists a safe haven to breathe, relax, and reduce the everyday stressors of the world.  Stress is responsible for so many of our ailments, and finding ways to reduce that with some self-care will lead to a healthier body, with more energy, longevity, and vitality.

Upstairs we will boast a yoga studio, massage rooms, an esthetician suite, and a small retail space with locally made items.  We also will have a complimentary tea, coffee, and fresh spring water bar (and perhaps some homemade, gluten-free, organic baked goodies when we feel like baking).  Downstairs you will find our salt caves.  Our group cave is designed to reflect a Himalayan salt cave, while our private cave will be more modernly created as a salt room.  Both offer you top-quality halotherapy.  Outside the cave rooms we offer lockers to place your items in, giving you a sense of security while in the relaxing in the caves.  

We are aiming to host acupuncture in our private salt room 1-2 times a week.  This will allow our clients to have salt therapy alongside their acupuncture treatment, a win-win!

We are still under construction and our crew is working away every single day.  Working with so many generous and talented people to make this dream a reality has been a humbling experience.  There are so many people that have helped to turn the cogs.  We're so excited to bring this to you!

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Jason and Stefanie Keller


We're avid travelers, lovers of nature, health eating foodies, and are passionate about life!  Honestly... we live it full throttle. 

We met in 2004, were married in 2005, and love has blossomed ever since.  As Lenoir natives, we are ecstatic about the growth and development that has taken place in downtown over the past few years, and wanted to contribute to that.  We have spent several hours studying holistic methods of healing, and natural alternatives and approaches in health.  We are firm believers that natural is best!

If it's outside, we do it!  Our goal is to make it to every National Park in the United States (we both have the National Park Service symbol tattooed onto us, we're serious folks).  In our travels we love to hike and explore new places, with a passion for discovering waterfalls, or new rocks to climb.  We kayak and paddle around every chance we get.  We love to fish, and wade creeks and rivers.  And one of our favorite hobbies is discovering new breweries as we travel. 

Before we dove into opening Wolf Moon, we spent our weekends building a vintage style teardrop camper, custom-made with Jason's carpentry and welding skills, and Stefanie's pyrography artwork.  We haul this magnificent creature with our beloved VW bus, Shoshana after converting her over to a diesel. 

Jason is a robotics and automation engineer by trade.  He also boasts talents in programing software, and is fluent in several code languages.  He is also a talented carpenter, designer, and welder.  You can see many of his creations throughout our space.

Stefanie is Happy Valley School's librarian, and has been in the Caldwell County School system for 12 years.  She is also a certified yoga instructor.  You may hear her singing throughout Wolf Moon as she loves to perform opera and classical pieces.  Lastly, she is a licensed NC Wildlife rehabilitator and assists in aiding orphaned and injured wildlife.   

About: About The Spa
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