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It's Been a While!

It's been a while since we have checked in with the world, but have no fear... we're still here and working to get this business open everyday. To catch everyone up, each day the crew and/or Jason and I are in Wolf Moon continuing the construction of the building. Our group salt cave is 100% constructed, now we are working to catch everything else up. We have new windows, doors, wiring, lighting, floors, walls, you name it... we have built it from the ground up. It feels like we have been doing this forever, but in the grand scheme of it all, we have accomplished so much in not that much time.

In this new, post-pandemic world, getting all the materials one needs for construction is a challenge at best; for example, our front door. We ordered it back in August, it was promised delivery in November. Come February we gave up and our general contractor decided to build it... then we couldn't find the correct wood panels to build it. Ahhhhh! We finally located the correct wood and was able to commission the build. We get to pick the stain color today and have a front door, a real front door! So long our world has taken for granted that we can get anything whenever we want it, but now the supply chains are choked, materials aren't available, and compromises need to be made. We have found this to be a humbling experience and are so appreciative for the things we have and the hard working crew we have to do it.

This weekend we broke ground on the private salt room construction and made great strides. This room will be designed to fit two people comfortably, with padded comfort seating, and will host a gorgeous salt therapy water feature for clients to enjoy. Pictures will be shared once we get this room finished. Its going to be great!

At the moment, it looks like we will be open for business in May, if not a touch sooner. Everyone is working so hard to get our doors open. We are proud of our team, proud to be in Lenoir, and so thankful for the overwhelming love and support we have received. More pictures will be coming soon as our construction progresses!

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Jason and Stephanie my girls and I cannot wait to try out this Salt Cave.

We have been anxiously waiting for the opening. I am so proud of you and Stephanie’s accomplishments.

Hope to see you soon!

Debbie Crouch

Replying to

Are u open now Wht are ur hours and hi ow much it cost a massage my oldest son and I would like to come and experience this

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