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Yoga Instructor-Spa/Studio Owner

I aim to live the yoga lifestyle in everything I do.  I'm a clean eating foodie, avid traveler, lover of all creation, and accepting to all people.  I want to share this joy, and space with you.

I have been practicing yoga for 5 years now, and it has been a life changing experience for me.  As someone that has struggled with conventional medicine for years, yoga has been a beautiful method in my healing process. I am a licensed and registered yoga teacher, RYT200.

I specialize in the Vinyasa style of yoga, but strive to specialize in yoga for chronic pain and meditative healing.


Yoga Instructor

My yoga journey began in high school.  Eventually, I began teaching for Underground Fitness in Granite Falls, before opening up a studio at my home.  I love to teach, and teach what I love.

My practice style is very much a flow, Vinyasa.  I like to make sure each pose transitions into the next pose in a graceful way.  Each class begins with an “intention” and ends with a resolution for that goal.

However, don’t think that my class is going to be strictly by the book.  We laugh, share stories, and sometimes sip on spirits while we get our chakras aligned! 

Namaste Y'all!

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Yoga Instructor

Laura found a serious yoga practice after a solo cross country move in 2007, finding a presence and connection that she had never experienced before. Her desire to share this joy began with a teacher training at a non-traditional yoga studio, which fueled the fire to find her voice and her own teaching style through extensive studies, trainings, retreats and admirable teachers.
Finding her way back to the Appalachias in 2018, with her horticultural background and partner, Dustins  Nebraskan ancestral roots in ranching - they set out on a mission to reconnect and contribute to the overall health and awareness to a healthy ecosystem by starting a Bioregional Herbal Growing Forest Farm -Embracing Ground - their own peaceful, healing space.
Laura says she is fulfilling her dharma by encouraging others towards their own transformational journey of healing and empowerment through the art of yoga and natural medicine.


Yoga Instructor

My yoga journey started when I was experiencing pain in my muscles and joints. I started yoga as a way to be healthier and give my body some much needed love. Little did I know that it would change my life. Eventually I decided that I wanted to know all the aspects of yoga not just the asanas (poses) so I enrolled in yoga teacher training .  I wasn’t planning on teaching just learning, but life had different plans. I generally teach slow flow vinyasa, but my favorite style of yoga is Yin. I may even add a Yin pose or two during one of our classes. 
My class style is fun and I will let my goofy personality shine, we will never go by the book. I want us to laugh and enjoy each other’s company. When I’m not doing yoga I love to spend time with my amazing daughter and soulmate. 

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